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2 July 2015

This June, LEORON Taught Contract Management In Istanbul – IACCM’s CCMP™

This June, the LEORON team embarked on a training mission in Istanbul. We were led by our trainer, Martin Chalkley to complete a CCMP™ session. The Certified Contracts Management Practitioner is a 5 day professional development course by the IACCM, and is designed to provide professionals with certain knowledge and experience in contract and commercial management. It is an advanced training, meant for those who can demonstrate the required skills and familiarity with the subject, and have a minimum of two years of experience in the field.

At the very heart of Istanbul, in the Hilton Bomonti hotel, our team was host to a great variety of delegates, coming from all over the GCC region, Asia and Europe. Namely, the CCMP in Istanbul featured attendees from KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Germany, Istanbul and Kazakhstan, deriving from 14 prominent companies from all over the world, such as “International Turnkey Systems – ITS”, “Rolls-Royce Saudi Arabia Limited”, “King Abdullah University of Science & Technology”, “Qatar Foundation “ and many more.

The great flow of the course was particularly determined by our trainer Martin, Mr. Chalkley has 15 years of experience in supplier management and sourcing strategy, having started his career specializing in Business Demand Management for a global engineering company in the oil refinery / pharmaceuticals sector. He joined the IACCM team in March 2011, serves as an IACCM learning and certification coach, is co-author of the IACCM’s supplier relationship management program and learning content lead for the Shared Services and Outsourcing Professional program. All in all, attendees were satisfied to have a mentor so heavily involved in IACCM’s practices. To put a cherry on top, we celebrated Martin’s birthday, as it corresponded with one of our training days.

This widely recognized certification also enabled candidates to become members of IACCM and gain access to global content and advice provided by expert contributors in industry.