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25 June 2015

Click By Click: The New LEORON Website Is Generating Great Results

The new LEORON website is doing great. Our team got busy measuring the stats and we noticed a big increase in visits since its launch. We even compared our visits to the previous months and the results are surprising - we’re doing better than all the previous months in 2015. We have set our examined date range in Google Analytics to respond with the launch of our website, thus comparing it with the same period during the previous months.

Here is a GIF of our GA results:

An here they are by order:

June to January

June to February

June to March

June to April

June to May


Our low bounce rate and the prolonged session duration is a good indicator that we are offering valuable solutions and creating eye-catching content. Even better, we have encountered a great increase in numbers of new users.

We are particularly thankful to our partners from Saudi Arabia and UAE, who have generated the largest portion of our latest visits, but also to visitors from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkey, Oman, Nigeria and much more.

LEORON Institute would like to thank everyone for being a part of us. Your participation demonstrates our greatness.  


Gent Mehmeti

Corporate Communications Manager at LEORON Professional Development Institute