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Capital Business Magazine is a B2B English monthly publication focusing on business best practices and is a publication accredited by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It enjoys a sizable footprint in the Middle East on the strength of feature articles contributed by certified financial and business experts, as well as coverage of a broad spectrum of topics including banking, IT, oil & gas, real estate and construction, human capital, risk management, corporate finance and cash management, corporate governance, investments, IPOs, tools of trade and more. 
Launched in November 2006, Business Islamica is the first monthly magazine of its kind in the Middle East, specifically covering all aspects of Islamic business and finance both regionally and internationally. The magazine’s objective is to spearhead awareness initiatives, heighten knowledge of its core principles and practices and feature the latest developments in this industry. Islamic Finance, which was once considered as no more than an interesting aspect on the periphery of conventional mainstream finance, has emerged as a major global force, developing and growing faster than its conventional counterpart. Our editorial covers interviews with key industry leaders, case studies, and includes features on a wide range of topics such as; Islamic Banking, Wealth Management, Takaful (Islamic Insurance), Islamic Retail Finance, Marketing and Branding of Shari’ah-Compliant products, Regulatory Issues, Islamic Business Challenges and Risk Management.
Ghana Business & Finance is an upscale magazine targeted at corporate decision-makers and policy makers in Ghana and international institutions and companies with interests in Ghana. The magazine provides insights based on sectorial themes; focusing on banking and financial services, telecommunications, agriculture, the cocoa industry and tourism and hospitality. Other areas of interest to the magazine are: transportation, international trade, healthcare and the business dimensions of the beauty, fashion, entertainment and sports industries.
The HR Review is the first and only magazine that specializes in the subject of Human Capital Management in the Middle East. With a main focus on tackling the topic of human resources from a strategic business perspective, The HR Review aims at providing a profoundly assessed analytical content and recommendations on the latest people management challenges in Middle Eastern and specifically Arab businesses. By this, the HR Review embarks on building concrete awareness in the Corporate World about the criticality of the Human Factor for success and continuity. The Magazine also aims at bringing the worlds of Business and HR together in terms of shared responsibility for Organizational Performance. The HR Review is published every two months and distributed to subscribers across 16 countries.

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