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Certified Business Operations Professional - Arabic

Riyadh, KSA | October 22–26, 2017


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Simona Janevska

+971 56 402 0355 UAE:+971 4 447 5711 ext.628 KSA: +966 11 464 4865 ext.628
Course Overview

As survival in the modern business environment becomes more important than success and profit, the modern demands placed upon the operational functions of an organization are increasing dramatically. Business operations are becoming the “go to” functions when the need for value generation and total efficiency become the priority for the organization. Globalisation, Financial uncertainty, Leadership, Strategy, Resource and Change management are all factors affecting the way we conduct our business. This course addresses these issues and drives the need to embrace the modern business climate and understand how we can make an impact by driving innovation and continuous improvement The course will be fast paced and highly interactive comprising of a mixture of lectures, best practice examples, individual and group exercises and questionnaires and a case study. The course will conclude with an examination covering selected disciplines covered during the course delivery.

Delivery Type: Group Live | Prerequisites: University education with 3 to 5 years work experience minimum or middle to senior management with 5+ work experience without university education. | Level: Intermediate | This Program is worth: 35 NASBA CPE credits