Supply Chain Management

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With markets that move at the speed of ecommerce, global companies must have a high-performing supply chain and logistics system. Learn the fundamentals in our Supply Chain Fundamentals program.
The purpose of this course is to study the critical issues in managing supply chains such as Supply Chain Design, Product Design, Sourcing & Supplier Alliances, Inventory Management, and Information Technology for Supply Chain Management, This course will help to understand how supply chain decisions impact the performance of the firm. The key will be to understand the link between supply chain structures and capabilities in a firm.
Rafi Khachadourian
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المخرجات الرئيسية

Use supply chain strategies and be able to implement these strategies in a variety of global business environments.
Utilize sophisticated methodologies to improve or optimize operations across a wide range of industries.
Execute advanced tasks associated with process design and improvement, transportation management, inventory management, and purchasing management.
Review actual supply chain management practices.
Gain functional knowledge of production and inventory management.
Able to manage global supply chain activities in effective way.

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محتوى الدورة التدريبية

Day 1
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
What is Supply Chain Management?
The Development Chain
Uncertainty and Risk Factors
Evolution of Supply Chain Management
Key Issues in Supply Chain Management
Case study
Day 2
Inventory Management and Risk Pooling
Importance of Inventory
Stages of Inventory Control
Risk Pooling
Centralized vs. Decentralized Systems
Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain
Effective Forecasting
Case Study
Day 3
Network Planning
Network Planning and Design
Inventory Positioning and Logistics Coordination
Resource Allocation
Supply Contracts
Strategic Components
Contracts for Make-to-Stock/Make-to-Order Supply Chains
Contracts with Asymmetric Information
Contracts for Non-Strategic Components
Day 4
The Value of Information
Information Types
Bullwhip Effect
Information Sharing and Incentives
Information for the Coordination of Systems
Locating Desired Products
Lead-Time Reduction
Information and Supply Chain Trade-Offs
Decreasing Marginal Value of Information
Supply Chain Integration
Push, Pull, Push-Pull Systems
Demand-Driven Strategies
The Impact of the Internet on Supply Chain Strategies
Day 5
Distribution Strategies
Direct Shipment Distribution Strategies
Intermediate Inventory Storage Point Strategies
Strategic Alliances
Framework for Strategic Alliances
Third Party Logistics (3PL)
Retailer-Supplier Relationships
Distributor Integration (DI)
Procurement and Outsourcing Strategies
Outsourcing Benefits and Risks
Framework for Make/Buy Decisions
Procurement Strategies

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This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for
All people involved in:
Production and Inventory Management
Supply Chain Management
Purchasing and Procurement
Materials management

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