Core Concepts in Data Science

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DAY 1 Introduction to Data Science and R Basics
→ Module 1: Welcome and Program Overview
→ Module 2: Introduction to Data Science
→ Module 3: Understanding Data Types in R
→ Module 4: Basic R Programming Exercises
→Module 5: Data Frames and Data Manipulation in R
→ Module 6: Programming Concepts: Functions, Loops, and Conditionals
→ Module 7: Data Handling Practical Session
→ Module 8: Q&A and Wrap-Up
DAY 2 Data Visualization with R
→ Module 1: Principles of Data Visualization
→ Module 2: Introduction to ggplot2 in R
→ Module 3: Creating Basic Plots (Histograms, Scatter Plots)
→ Module 4: Advanced Plotting Techniques
→ Module 5: Customizing Plots and Themes in ggplot2
→ Module 6: Hands-on Exercise: Creating Visualizations
→ Module 7: Q&A and Wrap-Up .
DAY 3 Probability and Its Applications
→ Module 1: Fundamental Concepts in Probability
→ Module 2: Random Variables and Probability Distributions
→ Module 3: Applying Probability in Data Science
Module 4: Statistical Inference and Probability
→ Module 5: Case Study: Real-World Applications
→ Module 6: Hands-on Exercise: Probability Problems in R
→ Module 7: Q&A and Wrap-Up
DAY 4 Inference and Modeling
→ Module 1: Introduction to Statistical Inference
→ Module 2: Building Statistical Models
→ Module 3: Hypothesis Testing
→ Module 4: Regression Analysis
→ Module 5: Practical Session: Inference and Modeling in R
→ Module 6: Model Evaluation Techniques
→ Module 7: Q&A and Wrap-Up.
DAY 5 Productivity Tools for Data Science
→ Module 1: Enhancing Productivity with Tools
→ Module 2: Version Control with Git and GitHub
→ Module 3: Using RStudio for Data Science Projects
→ Module 4: Reproducible Research with Markdown
→ Module 5: Hands-on Exercise: Productivity Tools
→ Module 6: Final Project Overview and Guidelines
→ Module 7: Q&A and Program Wrap-Up

على من يجب الحضور؟

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for

→Business and Data Analysts: Professionals
who need to analyze and report on data to
inform business decisions.

→Project Managers: Those who manage
projects and require data to plan and
report progress.

→Finance Professionals: Analysts and
managers who need to handle complex
financial data and forecasts.

→IT Professionals: Those who support
data systems and need to understand
data flows and reporting.

→Operations Managers: Managers needing to
optimize operations through data analysis.

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