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Certified In Transformation for Supply Chain

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Association for Supply Chain Management
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The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) is the global leader in supply chain organizational transformation, innovation and leadership. As the largest nonprofit association for supply chain, ASCM is an unbiased partner, connecting supply chain professionals and companies around the world to the newest thought leadership on all aspects of supply chain. ASCM is built on a foundation of APICS certification and training spanning 60 years. Now, ASCM is driving innovation in the industry with new products, services and partnerships that enable companies to further optimize their supply chains, secure their competitive advantage and positively influence their bottom lines.

محتوى الدورة التدريبية

Day 1 Supply Chain Transformation Overview

•Supply Chain Transformation Overview
•Supply Chain Transformations
•Value Proposition, Methodologies, and Organizational Design
•Drivers of Supply Chain Transformation
•Workshop Strategies and value chain

Day 2 Prepare for Transformation

•Preparing for Supply Chain Transformation
•Select Supply Chain Transformation Drivers
•Assess Supply Chain Current State
•Conceptualize the Future-State Supply Chain Operating Model
•Workshop Supply Chain Operating Standard (SCOR DS)

Day 3 Preparing for SC Transformation

•Identify Initiatives to Address Gaps
•Initiate Transformation Work Streams and Projects
•Develop and Iterate Preliminary Transformation Business Cases
•Perform Post-Approval Tasks
•Workshop ERP Standardization

Day 4 Executing SC Transformation

•Adopt a Change Management Plan
•Design and Implement Supply Chain Transformation Work Streams and Projects
•Implement Governance and a Risk Management Framework
•Workshop Application of Project Tools

Day 5 Review of Transformation

•Assess the Transformation
•Communicate Results and Reflect on the Transformation
•Practice exam
•Evaluation and closing ceremony
•Workshop Risk and Business Continuity Management

على من يجب الحضور؟

The APICS Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain (CTSC) certification program is designed for individuals who are involved in or wish to excel in the field of supply chain management, specifically focusing on transformational strategies. Those who would benefit from pursuing this certification include:

Supply Chain Professionals: Individuals working in various supply chain roles, such as logistics managers, procurement specialists, inventory analysts, operations managers, or supply chain planners, seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in supply chain transformation.

Business Leaders: Executives, directors, and managers responsible for overseeing supply chain operations, interested in implementing innovative strategies to drive organizational growth and success.

Operations Managers: Individuals involved in managing operations across different industries, aiming to develop a deeper understanding of supply chain transformation to optimize processes and enhance efficiency.

Consultants and Advisors: Professionals providing advisory services or consulting within the supply chain domain, seeking to enhance their knowledge and credibility by obtaining specialized certification.

Continuous Improvement Professionals: Those focused on continuous improvement methodologies within supply chain functions, eager to incorporate transformational strategies for sustainable improvements.

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