The Power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Unlocking Workplace Success

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LEORON - Professional Development Institute
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LEORON is the leading corporate training and EdTech company in the EMEA region, with the most comprehensive learning and development solutions in all strategic corporate functions, including Corporate Finance, HR, Procurement and SCM, Technology, Quality, Operations and Engineering. Through instructor-led sessions, in-company training, and coaching, our faculty of experts deliver over 1200+ programs annually, while 25,000+ professionals are equipped with up-to-date relevant education and the latest tech solutions across the EMEA region.We help our valued clients with a wide range of services, including Training Needs Analysis, Competency Development and Assessment, and custom-built e-Learning solutions that cater to specific industries and knowledge areas.LEORON mission remains boosting competitiveness of our clients worldwide through continuous learning, while we strive to achieve our vision of becoming the best quality corporate training and EdTech Company in the EMEA and the world.Whether our clients are facing difficulties re-organising their brand, equipping their workforce with an extra set of skills or aiming to assess competencies within an existing structure, our development planning is a great solution.LEORON’s mission is to help our worldwide clients boost their competitiveness by improving the competency levels of their employees, through top quality training and development solutions delivered by unrivaled global experts and facilitated by the best training managers in the industry.

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Day 1: Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Session 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Defining EI and its importance in the workplace Exploring the components of EI: self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management
Session 2: Developing Self-Awareness
Understanding personal strengths, weaknesses, and triggers Techniques for self-reflection and self-assessment Identifying emotions and their impact on behavior
Session 3: Managing Emotions
Strategies for regulating emotions in challenging situations Coping mechanisms for stress and pressure Building resilience and maintaining emotional balance
Session 4: Enhancing Social Awareness
Practicing empathy and perspective-taking Recognizing and understanding emotions in others Improving non-verbal communication skills
Day 2: Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Session 5: Building Stronger Relationships
Strategies for fostering trust and rapport with colleagues Effective communication techniques for building positive relationships Handling conflicts and disagreements with emotional intelligence
Session 6: Navigating Challenges with Emotional Intelligence
Using EI to navigate change and uncertainty Problem-solving and decision-making with emotional intelligence Overcoming obstacles and setbacks with resilience
Session 7: Cultivating a Culture of Emotional Intelligence
Strategies for promoting EI in the workplace Encouraging emotional intelligence development among team members Creating an environment that values emotional intelligence
Conclusion and Action Planning
Recap of key learnings and takeaways from the training Developing individual action plans for applying EI skills in the workplace Resources and support available for ongoing EI development

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This course is designed for professionals at all levels who want to enhance their Emotional Intelligence skills to achieve greater success in their careers and contribute positively to their organizations.

Upon completion of the course, participants will gain practical strategies and tools to unlock their full potential, enhance their effectiveness in the workplace, and foster a culture of emotional intelligence within their teams and organizations.

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