Supply Chain Leadership and Strategy

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The goal of a successful supply chain leader is to focus on the big picture and develop a strategy that will achieve the integration of the organization's various functions. There are various leadership styles that can be used by supply chain professionals to achieve this.
This 5-day program will introduce the latest leadership techniques and strategies for supply chain professionals to enhance their performance and productivity.
Rafi Khachadourian
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By the end of this workshop, Trainees will be able to:
Build and develop collaborative leadership style which have clear vision toward greater performance and profit
Gain insights into the key leadership techniques which needed to create the suitable supply chain strategy
Learn real coaching skills in order to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results
Gain the ability to analyse internal and external environment
Improve performance through empowerment, delegation and effective communication
Transfer from traditional organizational structure towards a team-centric structure

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Built upon the strong experience in the manufacturing sector, which the founders developed in Sweden during the 90’s global expansion, LEORON evolved into a comprehensive training institute, offering training and development solutions in all strategic corporate functions, including corporate finance, HR, SCM, operations, and engineering. With strategic distribution of our offices in leading locations, such as Dubai, Riyadh, Jonkoping, Skopje, Accra, and Almaty, our team of experts delivers approximately 500 courses annually, and roughly 10000 professionals are equipped with appropriate education and the latest insights in a wide assortment of industries across the EMEA region.

محتوى الدورة التدريبية

Day 1
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Leadership
Strategic , Tactical And Operational Roles Of Supply Chain
Understanding Leadership Expectations For Supply Chain
Exploring The Fundamental Concepts Of Supply Chain Leadership
Requirements of Modern Supply Chain Leadership
Challenges of Supply Chain Leadership
Models Of Effective Supply Chain Leadership
Leadership Vs. Management
Strategic Planning Process
Mission, Vision And Values
Big Data Analysis
Planning And Priority Management
Interaction Between Personal Vision And Organizational Vision
Situational Leadership
People Development And Encourage Honest Communication
Leadership Style Development And Alignment
Matching Leadership Style With Employees’ Development Needs
Day 2
Supply Chain Leadership and Performance
Code Of Ethics
Suitability and Triple Bottom Line
Corporate Social Responsibility
Performance Management and Measurement
Conflict Management
Creating A Culture Of Trusting Relationships
Consistency And Credibility
Effective Communication And Interpersonal Skills
Supply Chain Leadership Techniques
Motivating The Workforce
Emotional Intelligence And Successful Leadership
Planning Leadership Development Plan
Creating Leadership Development Plan
Linking Between Supply Chain Strategy And Corporate Strategy
Day 3
Supply Chain Leadership and Organization
Types of Organizational Structure
Traditional And Modern
Hierarchical Organizations
Traditional Managerial Hierarchy
Models Of Responsive Organizing
Benefits And Challenges Of Responsive Organizing
Shift To Responsive Organizing
RACI Model
Leading Empowered Teams
Shifting From Boss To Coach
Barriers To Collaboration And Group Dynamics
Tapping Into Collective Intelligence
Design And Facilitate Collaborative Culture
Group Decision-Making
Stockholders Analysis And Management
Day 4
Strategy Execution
4 Roles of Leadership
Six Disciplines
Strategic Inititives
Organizational Assessment
Project Champions
Day 5
Network Optimization
Estimating ROI
Linear Regression
Data Requirements
Network Modeling
Improvement Projects

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This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for
Senior and Middle Managers Involved in:
Supply Chain and Value Chain Management
Production and Inventory Management
Planning and Operations
Budget and Cost Analysis
Purchasing, Procurement and Contract Management
Materials management
Logistics Management and Transportation Technology
Customer Relationship Management
Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management

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