Time Management, Prioritizing, and Delegation

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LEORON - Professional Development Institute
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LEORON is the leading corporate training and EdTech company in the EMEA region, with the most comprehensive learning and development solutions in all strategic corporate functions, including Corporate Finance, HR, Procurement and SCM, Technology, Quality, Operations and Engineering. Through instructor-led sessions, in-company training, and coaching, our faculty of experts deliver over 1200+ programs annually, while 25,000+ professionals are equipped with up-to-date relevant education and the latest tech solutions across the EMEA region.We help our valued clients with a wide range of services, including Training Needs Analysis, Competency Development and Assessment, and custom-built e-Learning solutions that cater to specific industries and knowledge areas.LEORON mission remains boosting competitiveness of our clients worldwide through continuous learning, while we strive to achieve our vision of becoming the best quality corporate training and EdTech Company in the EMEA and the world.Whether our clients are facing difficulties re-organising their brand, equipping their workforce with an extra set of skills or aiming to assess competencies within an existing structure, our development planning is a great solution.LEORON’s mission is to help our worldwide clients boost their competitiveness by improving the competency levels of their employees, through top quality training and development solutions delivered by unrivaled global experts and facilitated by the best training managers in the industry.

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Day 1
Introduction to the Concept Time Management

What is Time Management, 

New School of Thought Importance of Time

 Management Myths About Time Management

Discover Your Productivity Rhythm

Know Your Energy Importance of Regular breaks,

Time Batching Set your Personal Vision & Mission

 Recognize the value of Schedule/ To Do Lists

 Create a Productivity Journal

Prioritizing Through Time Management Theories & Models
The Urgent/Important Matrix Pareto’s Principle Chunk, Block, and Tackle Ready, Fire, Aim!
Day 2
Defeating Procrastination

Let’s define Procrastination Reasons to Procrastination

 Dealing With Workplace Distractions

Organizing Your Workspace

De-Clutter Managing Workflow Dealing With Email

 Using Calendars Delegating Made Easy

Managing Meetings Productively

Using the PAT Approach Building an Agenda 

Making Sure the Meeting Was Worthwhile 

Giving Instructions Right the First Time!

Dealing With Time Barriers

How to Deal with Unexpectedly Long Tasks When Others are Inefficient

 Life Events Fear of Failure 

The Power of Positive Thinking 

The Benefits of Good Time Management

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This course is designed for managers, employees and professionals who want to improve their time management while reducing stress and having a work-life balance.

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Training Methodology
Instructor led live/online group lectures, practical exercises, case study reviews, role playing, scenarios and group discussions using an integrated learning approach.