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Sales Support Coordinator – Skopje

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Job Description

Sales Support Coordinator – Skopje
Sales and L&D
Working Hours
Sunday – Thursday / 07:30 – 15:45
Job Purpose
We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented Sales Support Coordinator to support the daily activities and responsibilities of our successful Sales Champions. The ideal candidate will be proactive, resourceful, and capable of managing a wide range of administrative tasks with precision and efficiency.

Required Qualification

• Bachelor’s Degree (General, Economics, Law, Communication, Languages) OBLIGATORY
• English Language Proficiency (Business English, both written and spoken)
• Master’s Degree (recommended)

Major Roles And Responsibilities

1. Administrative Support:
• Assist in the preparation of sales proposals, presentations, and contracts.
• Manage and organize sales-related documentation and files.
• Handle email correspondence and maintain accurate records of customer interactions.
• Create and collect Attendance Reports ( coordinate this information between Design for certificates, Campaign invoices and Finance unit and attendance reports from Event management)
• Managing the process of registration of deals in Popleads
• GP calculation for all public and in-house courses.
2. Customer Interaction:
• Act as a liaison between customers and the sales team, addressing inquiries and providing information as needed.
• Assist in managing customer accounts and maintaining up-to-date customer information.
• Create and send Confirmation letters for accounts where are mandatory by client
3. Sales Coordination:
• Coordinate sales meetings, including scheduling, agenda preparation, and follow-up activities.
• Collaborate with internal teams to ensure timely delivery of products or services to customers.
• Coordinate confirmation and orientation of delegates of all cross sell deals.
4. AR Management
• Manage AR of every campaign on Public and In-house courses.
• Generate and send accurate and timely invoices
• Collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure invoices reflect contractual terms.
• Communicate and enforce payment terms to customers.
• Implement a systematic process for collections, including sending reminders and follow-ups.
• Ensure accurate and timely application of payments received.
• Maintain up-to-date and accurate customer records in Popleads and Zoho.
• Regularly analyze and manage the aging of receivables.
• Work closely with the AR team and finance to identify and resolve overdue accounts.
• Collaborate with finance to resolve invoice disputes.
• Generate and analyze AR reports to provide insights into receivables performance
• Address customer inquiries and provide assistance related to billing and payments.
• Check payment status on all delegates per session. Follow up and check on payment with Coordinate if PO is in place or expecting dates of payments with clients.
5. Data Entry and Reporting:
• Enter and update customer information in Popleads
• Generate regular reports on sales activities, leads, and performance metrics.
• Check and coordinate if information is correct on Popleads, Calendar and Website
6. Social Media Platform Management
• Develop a strategy for engaging with the audience on Linkedin.
• Share your expertise by creating and publishing articles on LinkedIn.
• Respond to comments, messages, and mentions promptly on every post.
• Generate compelling and visually appealing content, relevant to the L&D industry.
• Incorporate a mix of images, videos, graphics, and text-based posts.
• Implement a hashtag strategy to increase content visibility.
• Use relevant and trending hashtags in posts.
• Engage in conversations and contribute meaningful insights.
• Like, comment, and share relevant content from your network.
• Share professional updates, achievements, and industry insights.
• Follow thought leaders and influencers in your industry.
7. Inquiries Processing:
• Assist in processing sales inquiries, tracking shipments, and resolving any issues related to order fulfillment.
8. Market Research:
• Conduct research on industry trends, competitor activities, and potential leads to support the sales team's strategies.
9. Event Support:
• Assist in the planning and coordination of public, in-house and LVT courses..
• Manage logistics and provide on-site support during events as needed.
10. Communication:
• Communicate effectively with team members, customers, and other stakeholders.
• Provide timely updates and reports to the sales team and management.

Technical Competencies

Competency Name
Proficiency Level

Behavioral Competencies

Competency Name
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Customer Centricity
Apply focus on People to develop customer excellence and happiness so to build long-lasting relationship and partnerships.
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Strategic Thinking
Understand the L&D business, manage the business purpose to understand where we are, where we want to be and how to get there. Utilize strategic thinking tools for business purposes, apply analytical and creative thinking.
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
L&D Industry Craftsmanship
Possess desire and passion for success in training and development industry, live and apply the corporate values, align the personal with organizational vision and culture.
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Managing People
Growth and Development, focus on goals and execution, apply self-Motivation, engage in continuous learning as well as develop people and teams, apply and manage Diversity and Equal Opportunity as well as employee engagement.
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Managing Training Projects
Possess knowledge in the sales process end to end, Instructional design and trainer recruitment, involvement of marketing, support of finance and operations teams, event management, understand the design and IT processes.
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Results orientation
Demonstrate initiatives, commercial acumen, apply self-motivation and drive for results.
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Communication and Presentation
Knowledge of effective and appropriate communication and presentation patterns and the ability to use and adapt that knowledge in different workplace contexts
Proficiency Level
Competency Name
Work together as a Team, by applying adaptability and flexibility, towards a common goal that benefits the team and the organization, apply teambuilding and conflict management techniques , adaptability and flexibility.
Proficiency Level