In-house Training
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Why In-House?
See Why Teams Of All Sizes Enjoy Our Training Solutions. The Next One Can Be Yours
Lower Investment
In-house group training is a cost-effective solution and helps optimise your training budget
Training sessions are set according to your time/location preferences
Onsite or offsite individual coaching sessions and monitoring of change in behavior.
Trainer is picked by the client and trainees to fit the exact proficiency level of the group
Training is tailored according to your employees’ specific needs
Well-adjusted to latest global industry standards and business requirements
Time, Venue, And Content Entirely Up To You
Our In-House Programs Are Meant For Clients Who Choose To Train Their People, In Their Location Of Choice, At Their Preferred Schedule.
We’ll Fly Our Trainers And Our Materials To Your Premises, Securing You A Custom-Made, Cost-Efficient Learning Experience.
We’ll Even Break Down Our In-House Solution Further And Let You Choose:
Fully Alligned With Kirkpatrick’s Model
Prequalification > Training Delivery > Post Training Activities
a man and pyramid
We Follow A Step-By-Step Process That Leads Our Partners Through A Worthwhile Voyage Of Professional Development.
Aligned With The Globally Renowned Kirkpatrick Levels Of Training Evaluations, We’ve Developed Our Own Model, Which Meticulously Mimics The Essence Of The Groundbreaking Work Of Donald L. Kirkpatrick.
Hence, Our Learning Process Is Divided Into 3 Parts:
  • - Prequalification,
  • - Training Delivery, And
  • - Post Training Activities
Due To The Global Nature Of Our Clients And The Fragile Character Of Corporate Information, We Prefer To Leave Level 4, I.E. Results, Optional.
Regardless If You Choose To Opt In For This Final Step, Our Team Of Professionals Has A Proven Track Of Expertise In Conducting Result Measurement Strategies In Courses That Fall Under 15 Functional Areas.
Like A Public Course We Offer?
We have 500+ public courses certified by over 20 global Educational Partners and bodies of Knowledge
Many of them are delivered as in-houses, too. See how we can bring public knowledge to your enterprise.
Need To Add Your Touch To One Of Our Pre-Made Courses?
No problem – We’ll restructure the content of our existing training programs to meet the specific learning and development needs of your organization.
You’ll still earn 35 NASBA credits and a LEORON Certificate of attendance. We can even help you obtain the membership and Certificates from the Academies and Educational Partners we partner with.
How About That Extra Mile?
We’d be happy to offer you one of our “bespoke” solutions – in-houses tailored exclusively for you -focused on problem-solving, increasing performance and productivity, and improving the competency levels of employees.
We’ll build everything from scratch, according to your core needs, competencies and goals.