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Change management

This is an interactive training program designed to help you understand the concepts and terminology on Change management at individual and organizational level. We’ll cover all types of change initiatives, best practices and methodologies of the change process and how to apply these tools and techniques in an effective manner. Our final goal is to give you, the set of required skills to become a successful change agent and manager and lead your change initiatives successfully.

Conducting and Managing Formal Meetings

This program seeks to train participants on the organization and management of official meetings, and methods of good preparation for effective meeting administration. In addition, it will focus on reasons behind the failure or success of any meeting. This course also focuses on subjects and skills that relate to preparing, implementing and following-up of official meeting. You will review the best models, methods and guidelines how to organize and manage official meetings and focus on key roles for all the involved parties in the meeting, including the chairman, other participants and the assistant/secretary.

Customer Focus

Customer focus has become a vital topic in the corporate world nowadays. All companies and institutions seek to switch their peoples’ mindset and processes towards the actual needs and requirements of their customers.  This course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to understand the needs of your customers and align your business to match your offer with the customers’ needs and wants. You will also learn how to establish and manage strong relationships with your customers, use of modern scientific methods to implement customer focus strategy, identify methods of providing outstanding service to customers, and how to achieve maximum satisfaction with your products and services.

Effective Communication Skills (Verbal & Non-Verbal)

This course is designed for modern professionals working in different departments in companies and institutions who seek to gain the necessary skills on how to communicate effectively with their colleagues and external parties. We’ll discuss about identifying different methods of communication; which ones to use when dealing and interacting with different personalities as well as help you improve your negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Finally, we’ll help you understand how to “read” the body language so you can achieve the highest level of professional performance and achieve the overall objectives of the company.

Effective Team Building

Effective teams are characterized by productivity, quick decision-making, reduced waste of time, concentration of efforts, keeping away from conflict, subsequently helping the organization to succeed and create a competitive advantage. Whether you are team leader or member, it’s very important to understand the dynamics of the team and the stages of its development. Also, it’s crucial to understand the impact of different personalities in a team and on the overall performance. Knowing how to solve problems and conflicts will help you make better decisions and overcome challenges within any team.

This interactive training program helps you increase the effectiveness of your team by understanding and studying different types of teams, their development stage and techniques to lead during different project and team stages.

This course will provide you skills, tools and methods that will help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your team and increase its coherence to reach its goals for which the team was originally created.

Planning and Organizing

Planning and organizing are important management functions that have a huge impact on the performance, both on a personal and institutional level. Inefficiency in planning and organizing leads to many problems that may impair the individual or organizational performance, such as, not completing the tasks in a timely manner, increasing the actual costs, loss of clients and dissatisfaction of concerned stakeholders.

The aim of this interactive training program is to understand and study the basics of planning and organizing, planning stages, setting objectives and plans, organizing work, and providing the participants with the best practices, tools and skills necessary to increase personal effectiveness using time management tools, self-prioritization, focus, avoidance of interrupts, effective planning, organization and documentation of lessons learned.

Vision and Strategic Thinking

This interactive training program aims to understand and study the process of thinking and the general framework for strategic planning. It also provides you with the necessary tools to analyse internal and external environment, techniques on how to put your vision and strategic goals in a strategic map that will serve as your starting point in creating action plans and alignment of all stakeholders. You will also learn how to implement the strategy, how to do follow-ups and check if the strategic goals are reachable.

This is a hands-on program that takes best practices in Strategic management and gives you the set of tools and knowledge how to effectively apply them in your organization.

Problem Solving

Every now and then you will face a difficulty in your work that might prevent you from accomplishing in the expected level. Sometimes a problem is simple and needs less effort to solve it, but sometimes the complexity of the problem is significant, hence needs systematic approach and involvement from more people to overcome it.

Instead of solving problems as a random process, in this course we present systematic methods that have proved effective in analysing, evaluating, managing, supporting decision making, problem solving and examining the outcomes.


Project Management Fundamentals

This training program is designed to teach you the basic concepts and terminology in project management. We will go through all operations of a project and cover areas of knowledge related to managing and application of globally accepted best practices in the field, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Project Management Institute PMI®,  as described in "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) - Fifth Edition" - Project Management Institute 2013. Then we’ll teach you how you can apply them in an effective manner, towards the success of your project.



Results orientation and Performance Management

Knowing your goals is an essential part of planning. In this course you will use tools to improve your skills of effective planning and goal setting.

In addition, you will learn about the mindset that goes beyond reaching a goal, the result-oriented mindset. We will divert into some skills of Emotional Intelligence such as listening, that will help you understand goals and targets set by others, and skills as flexibility and motivation, that will help push you towards the result, and understand what is in it for you.