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Ark is an experienced Asset and Operational Leader and Manager with a 25-year history of delivery across many infrastructure sectors including power, rail, water, gas and nuclear decommissioning in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and Southeast Asia. Experienced in Asset Management Improvement Programs, from initial assessment through gap analysis and into planning & delivery phases, he is an Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Fellow, an Endorsed Assessor and Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) with experience in ISO 55001, PAS 55 & GFMAM 39 Subject Assessments across multiple sectors. A change management leader with the ability to communicate ideas and vision to and between all levels in the organization; from ‘shopfloor to boardroom’. Ark is an Endorsed Trainer with significant experience in development strategies, writing and delivery of public, single organization and bespoke training programs including IAM Certificate & Diploma Courses and course delivery via translators. He has personally trained over 2000 people and supervised the training of many more. He is a member of the IAM Global Council and a founder member of the Irish Chapter Executive as well as previously being on the IAM Exam Committee and IAM Conference Director in 2012 and 2013. Ark is also a member of the Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) and a speaker at their annual conference. In 2018 Ark received a special Award from the Institute of Asset Management: “in recognition of valuable service to establish IAM Qualifications” In 2020 Ark was made a Senior Fellow in the Asset Leadership Network (USA & Canada). Ark blogs on global infrastructure management as the 'Wandering Asset Manager’.
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