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Firuzi K.

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Firuzi would interested in partnering for the role of expert L&D Consultant as outlined below, Having designed and delivered training programs through innovation, entrepreneurship, and design thinking in project-based approach. • I am an experienced senior industry L&D expert with over a 2 decades of learning & development experience & I work with industry leaders globally to maximize effectiveness in this area. • My expertise & experience includes a broad and deep understanding of delivering training and holistic learning solutions to employees/leaders in various industries. • Created engaging & impactful learning solutions with a focus on design thinking and delivery not only via classrooms but using a blended approach & hybrid methods to include gamification. • As a consultant who works with diverse stakeholders, customers & participants who come from various backgrounds & experience, my additional area of expertise is managing and collaborating with senior international stakeholders globally and have extensively used learning management systems and providing solutions using online/digital platforms including kahoot, Mentimeter, Shido, Glisser, Learnclick, Padlet and other relevant engaging tools. My official partnerships include prestigious brands like Academy, EIBFS among others where I have extensive experience in designing and delivering innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for large corporates.
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