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Khalid Al H.

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Khalid Al-Homoud is a highly skilled Supply Chain and Procurement trainer who has achieved remarkable success in the training. In his 17 years plus in the profession Mr. Khalid has held top management and leadership positions in many organizations. Mr. Khalid holds a Master Degree in MBA with concentration in Operations & Supply Chain Management from UK. He is a recognized Instructor from APICS in USA as well as a recognized instructor from CIPS and CILT in UK. Mr. Khalid Al-Homoud has delivered many shout courses in Leadership, Procurement and Supply Chain Management. An expert in change, he is a passionate educator with a strong desire to help trainees recognize the connection between learning and experience. During his career Khalid has held senior positions in organizations like Saudi Aramco and Ministry of Heath of Saudi Arabia. He is also a strong communicator who can clearly and confidently deliver the theory and information in a professional manner. Mr. Al-Homoud is an outgoing, energetic, and motivating personality to encourage trainees to participate in discussions and to help them learn the value of group work. Khalid holds and executive diploma in General Management from the Open Malaysia University, BS Degree in Computer Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals and a Masters Degree in SCM from University of Liverpool.
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