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In the last 20 years, Mohamed has worked extensively in the field of human resources, learning, teaching, training, development, and consulting. He has a vital role in the development of several organizations and thousands of individuals as a consultant. He is an expert trainer in sales, excellence in customer service and soft-skills training. He holds a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration. He has held different positions as an executive manager, consultant, and practitioner. He also has advanced experience in designing, implementing, and managing human resources development strategies and programs. He is also skillful enough in designing and delivering powerful training programs in management and leadership. He has international accreditations as an instructional designer, educational, and training curricula, which have strengthened his career as a learning and development manager in several companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He has managed several projects in community responsibility as a planning manager and implements community initiatives. He has a proven track record of successes in various roles throughout his career, ranging from a management coach with future Professionals to his current position as a training and development consultant, and as an education and training professional, he is adept at using experiential learning techniques and other strategies that involve participants are encouraged to interact and participate constantly. Mohamed has a deep sense and understanding of different cultures. This enabled him to build the base of a good relationship in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. His professional active social media accounts, as well as media appearances in TV programs, have been supporting him to work with most of the Saudi Ministries as a trainer and consultant. He has an innovative series of TV programs such as the Economic channel to talk about the vision of 2030. He also had a series of TV programs for the Youth Pulse Program through it he presented a series of programs about the personal and professional success. He is also a bilingual speaker and can train in both English and Arabic. Mr. Sorour could deliver his supportive services to multinational companies effectively. Mohamed’s key areas of expertise include ✓ Training and Development ✓ Sales Training ✓ Assessment & Development Centers ✓ Behavioral Competency Frameworks Assessment ✓ Performance Management ✓ Succession Planning ✓ Instructional Designing ✓ Feedback Sessions ✓ Business development ✓ Employee Relations Qualification & Certifications ✓ Bachelor’s degree, English Language, Faculty of Education, Al- Azhar university in Egypt. ✓ ToT diploma from Dar Arroaa Training Center, TVTC, KSA. ✓ Professional Master’s in Business Administration from OXFORD CENTER, UK. ✓ Professional Doctorate in Business Administration from Cairo University, Egypt. ✓ Certified Trainer, Knowledge Master for Training and Development, USA. ✓ Professional Instructional Designer, Canada Global Center for Training & Consultation, Canada.
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